Farohar Bracelet

Size Guide

The word Farohar or Faravahar is derived from ancient Iranian word Fravarane which means 'I choose to remind one of the moral choice of good versus evil'. Additionally, it is derived from the word Fravashi, which means 'divine protection of the guardian spirit'.

The Fravashi is the part of the human soul that is divine, unpolluted, and uncorrupt. It is not only our divine guardian but our guide; its perfection is always within us, as an ideal towards which we can reach.

The Farohar is a spiritual prototype of God's creations, and is meant to remind one of the purpose of life on this earth, which is to live in such a way that the soul progresses spiritually and attains union with Ahura Mazda, the supreme divinity in Zoroastrianism.

Our bracelets are approximately 6 inches from end to end and have one additional inch of adjustable links so as to fit most sizes comfortably.

The Farohar Bracelet is handcrafted in sterling silver with gold plating.

Eina Ahluwalia jewellery is packaged in a travel-friendly fabric pouch & our beautiful keepsake box, along with a note about the collection, care card, and a personal note from the designer. If this is a gift do let us know the name of the person you’d like Eina to address the note to, along with your personalised message if any.