Sparkle Bracelet

Size Guide

Delicate bracelet with an iridescent Moonstone set in a heart motif. Put the toggle through the heart to wear the bracelet. Since the closing mechanism is delicate we recommend you not sleep or play sports wearing this piece.

"That little spark is your heart telling you yes, it can be done, your little heart pumping hard to tell you it feels joy. The little thump it gives you when you do what feels right, when you follow it’s direction and chase after your dreams. The spark in your eyes when you feel passion and love, the magic that shines through when you do what you’re meant to do. The peace you exude when you’re on the path of truth. You glow even though you don’t know because you’re in the flow."
Handcrafted in sterling silver and set with a Moonstone, with  the option of gold or rose gold plating.


As ancient as the moon itself, Moonstone vibrates with feminine wisdom and the Goddess energy of the waxing and full Moon, and teaches us at accept the natural rhythms of life. It has a calming energy, opening us up to intuition, sensitivity and nurturing. It is also the stone of love, eroticism and fertility.

Moonstone strengthens psychic perception, aids meditation, eases emotional pain, and promotes peaceful sleep. It is also known as the Traveler's Stone, especially protecting those traveling on water or by night, and is a talisman of the inward journey when we are ready for it.

Natural Stone Disclaimer
All our semi-precious gemstone are natural and therefore unique. They will have variations in hue, shade, inclusions and cleavage, as no two semi-precious stones can ever identical.


The jewellery comes in a travel-friendly fabric pouch & our beautiful wood keepsake box, along with a note about the collection, care card, and a personal note from the designer. If this is a gift do let us know the name of the person you’d like Eina to address the note to. We can also include your personalised message, which you can write in the “Notes to Designer” section on checkout.