Sat Chit Anand Bangle

Size Guide

Sat-Chit-Ananda or Sachchidananda means “Eternal Consciousness Bliss”. This Moolmantra and the bangle are meant to remind us to transcend our ego which keeps us small, still our mind, and become conscious of our true nature which an eternal, boundless, pure, and blissful part of the One Divine Energy.

A single Sat Chit Anand Bangle to remind us to keep this prayer in our hearts as we go about our days.

For daily wear, we recommend sterling silver (without plating) or 18K gold. Chat with us on +91 9831299125 if you need help at all!
Size: Please refer to our size guide for bangle sizes.
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Note : The product is not eligible for re-plating services.

Packaging : A travel-friendly fabric pouch, a beautiful keepsake box, a note about the collection, a care card, with a personal note from the designer.