Will my jewellery get tarnished or lose colour over time?

All plated jewellery does lose a bit of it's colour over time. However, if maintained properly, this is mimized to a large extent! We recommend always storing your Eina Ahluwalia jewellery in the branded cloth pouch and signature box that it comes in. Also, remember to always wear your jewellery AFTER spraying on any perfume as the alcohol content in the perfume errodes any sort of plating. It is also recommended to keep your jewellery away from water.

Eina Ahluwalia offers a re-plating service at an extra fee, valid for life for all jewellery purchased at If you see any of your EA jewellery discolour over time, mail us with a picture at and our team will guide you through the process!

NOTE : Our 'Love Letters' series is not applicable for re-plating service and the same is mentioned in product pages for these pieces.

Will my jewellery reach me looks so delicate!?

Not to worry! Each order is sent out in branded cloth pouches packed within our signature, printed pinewood boxes. This box is then packed in a padded casing which ensures your jewellery remains absolutely intact in transit! 

You can mail us at or text/whatsapp us on +91 9831299125 with queries, if any!