Khanda Earrings

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Adi Shakti is the primodial power, and is personified by the divine feminine creative power, or the Mother Goddess. She is the goddess of creation, change, balance and liberation. On one hand She stands for power, love and compassion; and on the other, destruction of evil. The Adi Shakti symbol is also known as the Khanda, and is like the coat of arms for the Sikhs. The Khanda Earrings are meant to remind you of the same powers within you at all times.

100% handcrafted by our team of Master Craftsmen in India.

Material : Brass with gold plating

Also included in packaging : Concept card with a note about the collection, care card & a note from the designer. Any personalised messages can also be included. Jewellery comes in a travel-friendly fabric pouch & our keepsake box.