Unalome Necklace

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The Unalomeare the "crowns" of the Arahants, the enlightened saints, representing the path to enlightenment.
The spiral shows the beginning, without knowledge or direction, that leads to our struggles through earthly distractions (the knots along the line), each being a teaching, and gradually becoming a straight line as we grow older and wiser, find our purpose, leading to Nirvana or enlightenment.
The lotus on top symbolizes us blooming in our own purest perfection, unaffected by our surroundings.
The Unalome, a spire Yant, is often worn by warriors and monks as tattoos or printed on their garment, because it is a sacred geometry design that invoke Buddhist mantras and bestows divine blessings and supernatural protection.
We hope this necklace and earrings remind you of your true path, and bring you guidance, blessings and protection along the way...
Material : Brass with gold plating in matte finish. 100% Handcrafted by our team of Master Craftsmen in India.

Also included in packaging : Concept card with a note about the collection, care card & a personal note from the designer. If this is a gift, do mention the name of the person you're gifting it to, in the 'Notes to Designer' section in your cart so we may address the hand-written note from Eina accordingly. Any personalised messages can also be included. The jewellery comes in a travel-friendly fabric pouch & our keepsake pinewood box.