I Necklace

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We’re so full of ourselves and our self-importance, and everything we do is about us. What if we invert our ego and decide to live more responsibly to those around us? What if we make it our business to really care for the happiness, wholeness and peace for each other.
What if we live more conciously and remember that every being is equally precious, and we’re meanttocoexisistandsharethisplanet together.Whatifwedoallthisnottoachievegreatness,buttomake a small di#erence, to make our little lives really matter.

Material : Brass with gold plating and Kyanite

100% Handcrafted by our team of Master Craftsmen in India.

Also included in packaging : Concept card with a note about the collection, care card & a note from the designer. Any personalised messages can also be included. Jewellery comes in a travel-friendly fabric pouch & our keepsake pinewood box.